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We love allowing our clients to be part of the team. You can decide how involved you want to be and we keep you informed of critical decisions along the way
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Techniche Design provides fixed pricing and personalised small business service, based on over 20 years of extensive project expertise.
We can assist you in transforming your initial ideas into a three dimensional design enabling you to visualise how your project can look before construction begins, or when deciding on the right site. We create a design concept for you that is based on your brand, customer expectations and market trends to ensure you have a point of difference that is long lasting.
We produce highly realistic visualisations and VR experiences to bring your project to life before it is built to assist you in your decision making process or to market your project to other key stakeholders.
Our hospitality designs consider your service design including planning and organisation of people, back-of-house services, kitchen design, bar design and equipment to help minimise labour and costs. Careful selection of brand communications, furniture and material components further enhance the quality and interaction between your brand and your customers.
With extensive experience in the retail design sector, we know how to enhance your sales potential and ensure you stand out from the crowd. Through the intelligent use of merchandising, circulation planning, lighting, sound, smell, materiality and visual communications we can create a positive retail experience for your brand that is engaging and memorable. We also specialise in retail showroom designs that carefully balance product information and display with customer experience and education.
A great workplace design can emphasise the brand values of an organisation, increase productivity and help cultivate talent. Employees now work in different ways and having options in your design that combine spaces to socialise, learn, focus and improve well being is really important. We can help you ensure your workplace is more than just a place to do business.

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We believe good design creates a meaningful and emotional connection between people, purpose and place.

Despite what you might read, there is no magic formula for good design. Good design is different. Always. Not different for the sake of being different, it is different with purpose. There is no one solution, no black and white answer to a problem, no one size fits all approach. Good design is about achieving the right amount of balance and tension; creativity and practicality. It’s about people, memorable experiences and refining the world around us in a positive way.
Principal - Senior Interior Designer

Scott Bagnell

BBltEnv-IntDes(Dis), GradDip-IntDes(Dis), Dip .Multimedia, Cert. IV TAA, Cert.IV. IT
Scott Bagnell is a creative, transdisciplinary designer with extensive experience delivering innovative solutions for major clients in interior & retail design, hospitality design, food service design and visual communication design. Scott is renowned for effectively delivering interior experiences and tangible business solutions that are both creative and strategic. He is passionate about experience design and storytelling through design, food, dining and retail experiences. Scott recently appeared on Masterchef Australia 2021 where he was placed 9th.

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